In addition to our range of stock products, we are also able to offer the following products and services to order:

Metal Finishing

METAL FINISHING        METAL FINISHING                        

The majority of our brass and metal components are available to special order in plated or powder coated finishes. Please ask for full details.

Typical finishes include:
• Brass plated
• Brass polished & lacquered
• Chrome plated (Polished or brushed options also available)
• Nickel silver plated (Polished or brushed options also available)
• Antique plated
• Nickel black plated
• Black powder coated
• White powder coated

Other finishing options available on request

Metal Tubes
Inlico can supply metal tubing for lighting applications, cut, threaded and finished to order. Tubing is available in raw brass or raw steel, then finished to order as required. It can be supplied with either M10 x 1 or M13 x 1 threaded ends. We also supply spacer tube to fit over M10 x 1 allthread.

Chain Cuts
We stock a comprehensive range of open-link chain in brass and steel, available in various sizes and finishes. These can be supplied in standard lengths or hanks, or we can cut them to size to suit your specific application. Please enquire for full details. Minimum quantities may apply.

Brass Discs
Many of our brass disc sizes are available from stock. To special order, we can also press batches of discs from 0.9mm or 2mm brass sheet (minimum quantities apply). These can be finished as per your requirements. Please enquire for more details.

Custom Cable Assemblies


Plug Leads and Cordsets
We can make custom cordsets in any length, switched or unswitched, with any switch spacing and with a variety of cable types, plug and switch options:

• 2 and 3 core PVC flexible cable, black, white, gold or transparent
• Fabric covered twisted cable in twelve different colours (please ask for a colour sample pack)
• Fabric covered flexible cable in eight different colours (please ask for a colour sample pack)
• UL Approved SPT2 cable in PVC or fabric covered.

• UK 3-pin plugs in black, white, transparent or red, green or blue translucent
• Earthed Shuko plugs in black, white, gold, brown or grey
• 2-pin flat Euro plugs in black, white, gold, brown or grey
• Swiss plugs in black or white
• Italian plugs in black or white
• UL Approved USA plugs in black or white

• Switches for flat or round cable available in black, white, gold, brown, grey or transparent

Lampholder and Pendant Assemblies
We can supply many of the lampholders in our range pre-wired to lengths of cable, cut and stripped to your specification. If required, we can include a cordgrip to create a pendant assembly. Or we can fit lampholders to a switched cordset or plug lead.

Cable cuts
We can supply cut cable lengths to order, using most of the cables in our range. Customers can specify overall cable length, stripped outers and inners and either bare copper or tinned/bootlaced ends. We can also fit single core cable cuts with crimp earth tags to make earthing cables, as well as fitting spade terminals, ring terminals and other termination accessories.

Pre Packs
Many of the products in our range can be offered pre-packed in bags for retail point of sale displays. Please ask for full details (minimum quantities may apply).

Labelling Service for Luminaires:
Inlico have their own in-house label printing facilities and can supply bespoke labels as well as a standard range of wattage labels for luminaires. We are only able to print in black ink, on either white or silver labels. Labels comply with BSEN 60598 for legibility, adhesion and durability. We also stock two and three core wiring instruction tape.


Wholesale Product Sourcing:
With nearly 10 years of experience in the lighting industry and a substantial background in importing, we have forged strong relationships with factories and suppliers across Europe and the Far East. Through our own overseas buying office, we are capable of sourcing and importing a wide range of products and components for the incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting markets.



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